‚ÄčOur Mission

We take our role as Professional Landscapers to heart. We know landscapes can inspire us, relax us, unlock us, and cure us. We believe they should be beautiful, thoughtful, and well done. Always. 

Following a childhood of outdoor work and recreation Ben Logan received his B.S. from the Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Not completely sure of the path to be taken, landscaping seemed like a good fit to start with. After moving up through the ranks at the largest local landscape company, and working as a Project Administrator for 4 years, Ben decided he couldn't sit in an office for another day and to earn the income needed for his family, the only choice to sustain the two things he loved was to start his own landscape business. In 2005 Logan's Outdoor began offering Landscape and Irrigation Services and has grown with the help of great customers and employees.